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Container Gardening

Usually container gardening is for the person who wants or loves to garden but doesn't have much space.  You really don't have to look any further than making a container garden.  The places a container garden can be placed is limitless. Some may want to plant herbs in small containers near their window.  So, a container garden can be one container with a plant or numerous containers grouped together with many different plants.

Others may want to brighten up their front porch. Or perhaps the side of the garage or an old out building may give the proper sunlight and shade later in the day.  However, when planning a container garden be sure and take into consideration the needs of the plants being planted.  Is the sunshine, shade and water requirements approximately the same?   It will be much easier to take care of the container garden plants if you give this extra thought. 

There are all kinds of containers -- new sleek looking containers, -- square, round, tall, short, containers put together -- containers  made of every kind of material imaginable.  A tea cup, teapot, an old shoe, an old dresser drawer, or go find an old bucket that has holes in the bottom and they are all great for container gardening.  The very fact that you can use about any type of container for your container garden makes the container garden so desirable. How about an old cowboy boot?                               This might look nice in among your plantsPOW Flags - You are not forgotten!                                                                       

You do want to make sure that all of your containers have holes in the bottom so  the plant can drain of excess water.  You may want or need to place a thin piece of plastic or similar material (cut a piece of pantie hose-- this works great) on the bottom of the container to help keep the the soil from washing out of the container.  A piece of loose woven nylon will also do.   You should be using soil sold for planting flowers or vegetables which is loose and sold specifically for this purpose. This soil and the holes in the bottom of the containers will help the roots and plant to grow and flourish.

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Your porch or patio is great for container gardening --  containers don't take up much space and can be placed quite close together.  This effect makes for attractive color eye catching views. 

When container gardening you can also place the containers out under trees, near a building, chairs or tall plants that might provide needed shade.  You must remember that container gardening requires that the soil in the container doesn't dry out.   This is imperative as containers will lose moisture very quickly -- just one HOT day will drain all the moisture from the container compared to plants that have been planted in the ground.

Are you artistic?   Then take the clay pots shown here and paint your own designs. Go to your hardware store and buy the smallest container that you can buy of plain ole house paint and start painting your own designs. When good and dry, spray the designs that  you have painted on the pots with clear lacquer to preserve the paint.  Spray the entire outside of the pot with a light coat and when dry spray again making sure the entire pot has been covered. This will also keep the pot from losing moisture so quickly.  You can make your own color and decorator themes and increase the beauty of the container gardening area.

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If by chance you have old used containers, (yes they can be reused), but be sure and wash them with good hot soapy water to get rid of all the little critters who might have made the container home for the winter.

Another little tip,  do not reuse the soil from last year.  Always use new soil.  Also, there are also many vegetables that you do not replant in the same spot in the garden year after year.  So, be sure and move the planting area.  However, in container gardening you will be using new soil each new planting.

Remember you are planting a container garden and containers of any size or shape can be used. Also, most plants, vegetables, herbs, etc., can be used in container gardening.  So give it a go!  For example, there is nothing prettier than spring bulbs when they bloom which have been planted in with herbs or other type plants. 

Or you can go find yourself an old wash tub or half whiskey barrel and prepare it for your container garden.  Make sure you have holes in the bottom for drainage and cover the holes with small screen cloth (panty hose) or something that will help keep the soil from draining out of the container when watered. Depending on how large and deep your container is you may need or want to add gravel, rocks etc to the bottom of the container. Adding a layer of straw also help retain the water in the container. This can also help so you don't have to add so much soil in such a large container.  Plant numerous types and sizes and your container and your garden will be beautiful when the plants grow and bloom.

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Hopefully you have already decided the physical place where you want your container garden to be located. You may even want to lay out your design on paper (showing the placement of plants and containers) so that when it is time to plant you have your supplies, soils and plants and are ready to start your container garden.

So let's assume you are planting in a large wash tub or half whiskey barrel. 

You can plant your bulbs in the soil and place other plants also in the soil or in smaller containers.  You can also rearrange your containers.  Don't cut the leaves back until they begin to turn brown. The leaves and stems feed the bulbs. But in the meantime, you can add new plants or containers in the soil. Just think how very interesting your container garden will look.

This will enhance the gardenArtificial rocks and boulders at

There are so many different kinds plants that you can use -- talk with your nursery personnel.  Explain your plan, color scheme and maybe some of the plants you would like to use, and I know they will be happy to help you.  Fill in the spaces and it will wow your friends. I encourage you who have been doing container  gardening  to feel free to add your ideas, comments and experiences.

It is really best, especially if you are just starting out, to keep you new container garden near the door that you usually look out or go out -- this gives you visual reminders on the garden and helps  you to check to see if the containers need to be rotated for the proper sun, moved to a more shaded area or if your plants needs more moisture.

Yes container gardening can be placed out under trees or up against an old building, chairs or taller plants that might provide needed shade.  Just remember that container gardening requires daily attention as the plants are first planted.  Really, it requires your constant love and attention.  The sense of satisfaction and  accomplishment will be extremely rewarding.  You did it!

Container gardening is visual, exciting and rewarding. Comments welcome --