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Hi, as a young girl I grew up on a farm in Missouri and every summer we planted and weeded and maintained a large garden. We planted  many rows of  vegetables, potatoes and flowers in our garden. I remember how we relished the new potatoes and oh those strawberries.

 We had several kinds of fruit trees which along with the vegetables from the garden was canned and placed in the cave for our food during the winter. My grandfather would hitch up the two horses to an old and I mean old wagon and we with our buckets and straw hats would cross the creek, go up in the shrubs and trees and pick the largest black berries you ever saw.  Summer was very exciting and I loved the gardening.

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This site is for new gardeners, as well as gardeners who have done this for years. It is for you who garden in order to have food to eat. It is for  those who garden for the fun, joy and the therapeutic value gained.

Many of you have already gone through many of the process mentioned herein, and your ideas and suggestions are welcome. Regardless whither your are planning an acre garden, just have  a few feet in which to plant a few garden vegetables, or maybe you want a container(s) garden, the basic requirements are the same.

So if you live where it is time to start the gardening process, it may be time to get out your gloves, tools and head outside to start the process called gardening.  There are numerous items needed for your gardening project.  Many of you have already gone through the process in your heads and have already selected your seeds. You have already decided where to plant the seeds and  and plants in your garden.  You have gathered your tools, and sharpened them and are ready to start the process of gardening.  You "pro" gardeners who have done this many times are invited to write in with your ideas and knowledge.

The right equipment and accessories are always helpful has all the newest gadgets for improving your garden. Let technology make gardening easy.

For  those who haven't already done this or who are NEW to the gardening process, you need to find and read the gardening books, visit your nurseries, select the seed packets and or small plants ready to be put in the ground or container.
Also I am sure there are many of you who have great ideas for container gardening and we would love for you to share your ideas with us.  A patio theme or color may be important for your project.  Or many you want to plant the seed in a small container and wait until the seeds have sprouted, and grown enough to be planted in the ground.  Now I am positive that there many of you who have gone through this process many times and again your input is invited.

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Now let's talk about using existing containers that have set through the winter season, but that you want to reuse again.  Just be sure and wash them with good hot soapy water in order to remove the very small critters who have found a home for the winter! 

Gardening is easy, yet demanding, meaning it requires constant care and attention. Just think what you can do:  plant herbs, vegetables of all kinds, eatable fruits and beautiful flowers -- some of which are also eatable.  Are you going to have a small garden or a large garden?  This takes thought and more thought!  How much ground space do you have?  Or maybe you will have a small garden in the ground and also a container(s) garden. 

If you are going to use the small plant purchased from a gardening store  be sure and read the small card stuck in the side of the container which will tell you how much sun, water and other necessary info to make this plant succeed in your garden. 

Nothing nicer in a garden Flags: American, State, International, POW, Sports and many more flags!

And you gardeners who have done this for years have already read and reread your catalogs from the seed and plant companies. Please let us know what your favorites are!  I remember how my mother looked forward to receiving these catalogs with the new plants and pictures of beautiful flowers which she wanted in her garden. There are so many aspects to gardening and your comments and suggestions are welcome! 

Gardening is big world wide process and those who garden have a special love for digging in the ground, a special love of flowers, fruits and vegetables and you simply love the gardening effort required.
Wouldn't we love for a newcomer to learn to love the gardening process also! Simply put, gardening is therapeutic for the soul!